view of lake Bolsema


Costs: 550 euros per week (or the UK£ sterling equivalent) for all tuition (which is in English)

Scholarship: The Nicholas Hadgraft Montefiascone Scholarship is awarded each year by Conservation-by-Design. The successful applicant will be offered £1500 (UKP) towards tuition and accommodation for the Montefiascone course(s). For further information see Conservation-by Design website

For further information and to enrol, contact Cheryl Porter: or consult our website

Accommodation can be arranged through the project . Various types of accommodation are available.

You will receive a response within 24-48 hours of us receiving your application.

This is a non-profit making programme and any extra moneys are used to buy materials for the library, archives and collections.

Applications are welcomed for the Nicholas Hadgraft Scholarship award.

Please note that places are limited and so you should sign up as early as possible.